They Would Never Tell Us This Anymore

My friends would have told you that I was funny and cool. And how I always had their backs, it was the number one rule. My friends used to tell me, about how we loved to explore. But after just one mistake, they would never tell us this anymore.

Research Papers

The Impacts of the Canadian Residential School System

Between our known identities as peacemakers, and our recent efforts to help the Syrian refugees, it is difficult for some people to understand that Canada has not always been so giving. Canada’s history with the Aboriginal peoples is but one blemish in the history of this great Nation and is considered by some to be Canada’s genocide. Through colonization, the earlier settlers aimed to assimilate the Aboriginal peoples into the European culture. One of the ways this was done was by means of education (Indian Residential Schools). Within these schools the Aboriginal communities were devastated by a loss of culture, abuse, and many other injustices which lead to a variety of lasting negative impacts that can still be seen effecting communities today. This paper will be aimed at addressing these injustices and identifying the impacts that developed as a direct result of the Canadian residential school system.

Research Papers

The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for the treatment of Adolescent Depression

Depression is a widespread concern among Canadian adolescents and seems to be on the rise according to current trends. Because of this, it is important to better understand the ways in which depression can be treated within this age group so that it can be handled appropriately. This paper works to analyse current literature in order to find the best practice approach(s) for the treatment of depression in adolescents.