Ashes in the Wind

It’s like a mosquito in the night

That catches the scent of burning wood

It’s attracted to the light

It would stop if it could.

Call it curiosity if you dare

But it’s something bigger than that

It’s something in the air

It would dive in at the drop of a hat.

It knows the dangers that lie ahead

But it doesn’t seem to mind

Because only when it’s truly dead

Peace is easiest to find.

Off in the distance

When it sighted the flame

Temptation overwhelmed it

And its mind it couldn’t tame.

Just the thought of it

Was enough to drive it insane

From there on in

It knew its life would drastically change.

It wants to give up

And take its turn

To dive in the flame

And satisfy its urge.

But diving in to early

It’s surely going to burn

But staying away

Takes a special kind of courage.

Its obsession is like the flame

Which can’t be put out

Because even with the purest water

It’d shine without a doubt.

It knows now

That direct measures must be taken

Because deep down all it wants

Is to satisfy the craving.

It flies up high

In order to gain speed

Because if it’s quick

The heat might not punish it for its needs.

It feels a slight pain

Like that of being shinned’

And is reduced to ashes

To float freely in the wind.

All it desired

Was to attain such a light

To illuminate itself

In the blackness of the night.

It wanted to be seen

By others nearby

So it tried to no avail

To become a firefly.

Its ashes’ flow through

The currents with ease

Weightlessly gliding

Past the streams and trees.

Maybe this freedom

Was all it would need

But I guess we’ll never know

As its ashes rests’ on leaves.


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