What is Knowledge or Knowing?

What is Knowing or Knowledge?

What is knowledge?

To recognise? To understand?

To educate one’s self through college?


Is it a compilation of stories?

Narratives? Tales?

A comprehensive collection of allegories?


Or is it based off memory?

Remembrances? Or Recollections?

Is it a distorted truth and purely rudimentary?


What is knowing?

To be intuitive? To be perceptive?

To be insightful? Or all things foregoing?


Is to engage the five senses?

Like hearing? Tasting? Smelling?

Is it the ability to see or to feel something just beyond one’s clinches?


Or is it grounded in trust?

Like faith? Or convictions?

Invisible; but never to be proved unjust?


Or are terms such as these simply subjective?

Idiosyncratic? Or individual?

I suppose it’s a matter of perspective.


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