About Me!

Why hello there fellow bloggers,

I am currently a student attending Humber College in Toronto, Ontario, and have almost completed my second year in the Bachelor of Child and youth Care program! The reason I decided to start blogging was partly because I was influenced by a fellow student and friend (if you’re interested in movie reviews and/or anime related reviews you should check his blog out at viewerdiscretionisadvised.wordpress.com), but also because I enjoy writing when I have space in my schedule and wanted a fun way to connect with fellow students- or anyone else who stumbles across my blog :D. However, I’m a little new to this whole blogging thing so it may take me some time to figure things out; just bear with me.

As I mentioned briefly before, I enjoy writing little stories that provide a blend of personal experiences, creativity, and a little dash of CYC related material as well. In the past I have also dabbled in poetry, but most of it is lost in the abyss and I haven’t been writing a whole lot of it recently. So you may not see a whole lot of that. I’m not quite sure if it’s allowed yet, but I was planning on posting some of the papers I have written in my program thus far, so that viewers are able to pull quotes and/or references from them if need be, or so that people can simply read them if they’re interested in the topics I have chosen (that way there not sitting pointlessly on my computer). Finally, I enjoy reading fantasy/science fiction novels (e.g. Demon Cycle series, Harry Potter series, Inheritance Cycle, and books like that), so I may begin doing book reviews if I can find time. This is a hard maybe though; I’ve never been that good at reviewing stuff haha.

So to summarize, I will generally be posting: short CYC related stories, occasional poems, completed assignments, and potentially some book reviews eventually (see more in the About My Blog menu option).

Outside of the things relevant to the blog, I enjoy being physically active, playing video games, playing guitar, and singing (even though I’m not very good xD). I enjoy working out and playing pretty much every sport, however, my favorites are rugby, basketball, and skateboarding. As for video games I like playing RPG oriented games (Skyrim, Dragon Age, etc), sports games (any one really), and on the PC, mainly just League of Legends.

Additionally, I have always loved animals (mainly dogs!), and have dreamed of travelling the world with the goal of learning all about different cultures; but have traveled virtually no where due to financial restrictions xD. I thought it would important to show my viewers that I do in fact enjoy things, so that after they read my posts they don’t think “what a miserable wretch” lol.

I look forward to meeting fellow blogger/students alike, as well as answering any further questions you have. Last but not least, I will be more than happy to accept, and actually encourage you to provide me with feedback on anything you’ve read. If any of these things peak your interest than feel free to follow me, comment, and enjoy!

All the best,

The Bored Student.


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