About My Blog!

Hello again curious bloggers :),

For this page I just want to highlight how this blog will work throughout the course of each year, and describe some of the things that I will be publishing on my blog. This blog will work differently depending on what time of year it is. For instance, if you find yourself browsing my blog between the dates of September 1st and April 25th, then I will probably not be posting very frequently due to the fact that I will be in school mode, and likely have assignments and other things to focus an annoyingly large amount of my time on. However, if you find yourself on my blog between the dates of April 26th and August 31st, then the site is likely to be more active as I will be on summer “vacation” and will have much more free time on my hands.

I have not figured out how I will be structuring my blog in terms of posting dates, and for now I will just be posting things as I write them. Eventually I would like to add some sort of structural framework so that people know when to expect certain things on certain days of the week.

Some of the categories you may come across on my blog for the time being are (I will update this if the list of things change):

Short Stories (e.g. A Spark in the Darkest of Times)

These stories will generally contain a mix of my own personal experiences with life, creativity, and a bit of material I have picked up from the Child and Youth Care practice. Please note though, that not all of the things that I  will be writing about have actually happened to me, and I am in no way pretending to understand exactly what these individuals are going through; I’m simply interpreting how I think I would feel/react if I were given similar circumstances. That being said, I may write the odd story here and there that is purely fictional and have nothing to do with the CYC practice as well. I have left this category rather broad, and if I begin writing to many of one particular genre, then I will split them up into their own categories to make the things my viewers may be looking for, easier to find.

Poetry (e.g. Ashes in the Wind)

Although I enjoy writing poetry from time to time, this area is in no way my strong suit and I typically need to be inspired in some way if I am to write one. I cannot simply sit down with the intent of writing a poem and just bust one out, which is why you may not see a whole lot of this on my blog. In the instances that you do read one, it will almost always be connected to me in one way or another, whether it be about something that happened on my way to school, or something I had a dream about that night, it all just depends on the day.

Research Papers/Research Analysis’ (e.g. Bullying and Its Effects on Depression…)

There is no order to how I post these articles, I just simply scroll through my completed assignments and pick one at random. All of the papers I post on my blog are papers that I have personally written, and handed in during my time in school. That being said, I would like to start off by saying that none of these papers are published (just in case you were wondering- probably not though) so if you thought that I made a good speculation or point during your reading and figured that you were going to reference me in your paper, don’t (haha). None of these assignments I have shared with you would be considered academically sound, and I would in no way be considered a credible resource to base your argument off. However, the reason I post these articles is to: advocate for the population I direct my research toward, give the people that are interested in some of these topics a quick read, and to help students locate credible references and/or quotes that I have used in my own papers; just because I’m not a credible author, does not mean that the people in my reference page are not. Plagiarism would obviously not be recommended because, as I have just shared with you, all my work has been handed in and will therefore be entered into the online system- which most submission sites will pick up on. So take references and quotes as you please, but for all you Cheater McCheatertans out there, write your own work! ^.^

*To get my blog started I have posted one written piece from each of these categories so that you, my viewers, get a taste for my writing style and know what to expect moving forward. The titles to these pieces are directly beside their corresponding headings listed above.*


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