Short Stories

A Perspective of Change

In this story we jump into the shoes of a person who is reflecting back on their experiences with adversity and change. Plagued by an acute sense of reality from a young age, this youth takes on a mission to save his family from the rut that they call life. From a childhood haunted by negative schema’s and feelings of abandonment, to an adolescent with a life altering realization, we follow this young person on their journey to self-discovery. No two stories are the same, and this is but one perspective of change.

Short Stories

A Spark in the Darkest of Times

As a kid, sometimes it’s hard to realize that your Dad ever had a childhood and that his experiences are drawn from things that may or may not have happened for him. In contrast, sometimes the father finds it difficult to distinguish where these emotions are coming from and displaces it onto his children. It s important for both sides to understand that a father-son relationship is a collaborative effort, and that both sides need to contribute equally- or as close to equally as possible- if they wish to maintain a healthy relationship. This story is viewed from the perspective of an overly observant youth who dreams of nothing more than to be accepted by his father. With a little hard work and determination, dreams can become reality.